Description: Mysterious Dark Sparse Spooky Drama With Electric Guitar And Synth

Description: Dark, Dramatic, Intense, Adventurous, Mysterious, Stressful, Suspenseful, Sneaky

Description: Dramatic, Intense, Suspenseful, Aggressive, Dark, Chase Scene

Description: Drama, Drama-Suspense, Drama-Tension, Drama-Danger, Tribal, Ethnic, Dangerous, Dark, Atmospheric, Alluring, Building, in a Mysterious mood, featuring Percussion, Synth, Strings, with a Fast tempo

Description: Adventurous, Dramatic, Intense, Mysterious, Suspenseful

Description: Drama Big Confident Drums Strings Energetic

Description: 10 min piano solo of hopeless love

Description: Dark, Dramatic, Intense, Melancholy, Aggressive, Suspenseful

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