Description: The journey is just beginning or ending. Behold the sacred artifact to save the kingdom. War is now on the horizon. Prominent horns with a climax and resolution.

Description: A sweet rock ballad instrumental. Romance and action. Angel and devil. Sweet and sour. Heaven and hell. Prominent strings build to mean guitars and then back down again. Also includes guitar and piano solos.

Description: A sexy, warm little tune. Lovers on a flight to Paris, a ballet dancer in New York or a mysterious but intriguing character with a view to kill. Piano, synth, vibes and guitar.

Description: Suspense and premeditation with a bit of seduction thrown into the mix. Charming, isn't she? Flute, clarinet, strings, piano and beautiful windchimes.

Description: The chosen one has arrived! Crowds gather in celebration. The temple can be seen in the distance. Tabla, bells and flute are prominent.

Description: A royal wedding in all of its splendor. The knight and the fair maiden. Loyalty, honor, virtue and a dragon or two. Harpsichord, horns, clarinet and even a choir as things heat up.

Description: It's springtime at the castle. Smell the flowers! Prominent horns and flutes help set the mood. Sweet strings and a piano delay help round things out.

Description: It's high noon, the hero has reached the bad guys' hideout. The bad guys have reinforcements... An army! Prominent horns and timpani drums. Time for the showdown!

Description: Moving or smuggling a very valuable shipment through the dangerous bayou. A bit of mystery, suspense and coolness for the main character. Prominent accordion, guitar and percussion.

Description: The beginning or end of a sacred journey. Prominent strings, piano and south american flute.

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