Description: The moving rousing & soaring strings are peaceful & calm yet intensely optimistic & uplifting. The searching piano & emotive harp are compelling & building. The smooth earthy organic percussion is breathtaking, lively & vibrant. The big rich brass are glorious & triumphant. Soothing yet empowering.

Description: A suspenseful captivating intro breaks into an exhilarating vibrant symphony. The powerful chimes are heroic & hopeful. The driving drums are upbeat & determined. The soaring strings aggressive, emotional & grandiose. The bright horns are majestic, proud & intense. Dramatic piano & energetic bells

Description: A journey thru a variety of emotions; passionate, meditative, mechanical,hopeful, majestic, brooding, then breathtaking. Building strings with lyrical solo violin add captivating tension & ominous foreboding. Eastern tone & solo flute are mystical. Beautiful female vocals & strong dramatic choir.

Description: The anxious, determined & dreamy grand piano is hypnotic & minimal. The ambient heavy breathing is edgy, frantic & eerie. The driving cinematic drums & percussion are dangerous, emotional & pulsing. The strong bass is foreboding, brooding & urgent. The searching textural strings are bittersweet.

Description: This cinematic film score has a haunting & mournful Mezzo Soprano vocal melody. Driven by a moving, reflective orchestra, there is a slow & passionate emotion. Soft grand piano & acoustic guitar picking add an uplifting, serene, & gentle mood. While stirring & poignant it ends quiet, calm & simple.

Description: The glassy soprano vocal & energetic dynamic piano intro is dramatic & empowering. The solo violin soaring with pulsing powerful symphony is epic & elegant. A fresh mix of emotional strings & electric synthesiser is poignant & mysterious. Light, pretty, earthy, airy yet eccentric, refined & vibrant.