Description: Orchestral, suspensful and dark music, reminding us of old "film noir" atmospheres. This music could come out of a sombre detective film from the 50's. Something underlying is happening, intriguing, but no one knows exactly what. The only thing that is sure, is taht it's scary. The bass line, maintains some kind of tension all along the track. At 02:02 the music is triggered into a more flowing but not less frightening dynamic. Giving the impression of movement, or something that was waiting to happen untill that point, is finally happening.

Description: An electro-jazz-pop journey that starts very slowly and quietly. It progressivaly builds up. The first part is contemplative calm and soothing. 2:24 the music stops and a more worrying atmosphere takes its place. Again, slowly building up. 4:10 The music gets very dense and faster with drum'n base rythm and orchestral strings. This is the climax of the track.

Description: Contemplative, dreamy track that becomes very energetic towards the end.

Description: Jazzy, soft, contemplative, minimalist track. It is sad but full of hope.