Description: Action-packed track with gothic choir, pulsating percussion and powerful orchestral instruments

Description: Combination of orchestral instruments and modern arrangements including drums, bass and samples. Suitable for action/mystery/suspense scenes.

Description: Dramatic, epic cinematic theme with haunting strings and piano over military percussion. Great for adventure/drama/patriotic use!

Description: Cinematic action/tension track with full orchestra and pounding percussion! Powerful, energetic, gradually building throughout...

Description: Grand, epic piece with beautiful piano melody and powerful strings. This track has a strong sense of glory, determination, victory, overcoming challenges. Very emotional and heartfelt.

Description: Epic, dramatic, powerful track with full orchestral. Very grand, cinematic feel. Gradually building throughout into triumphant finale!

Description: Grand, flowing orchestral piece with epic, triumphant atmosphere.

Description: Powerful, dramatic orchestral piece with strings. Triumphant and epic atmosphere.

Description: Dramatic orchestral piece with triumphant, epic feel. Lively and powerful.

Description: Triumphant, epic orchestral track with gripping strings and percussion. Great for war or patriotic scene.

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