Description: This downtempo music utilizes a high tech sound with futuristic synths and cool overall sound. The music is a blend of corporate innovation meets progressive style and design. The music is arranged so it will play great with a wide variety of applications including business, corporate, explainers, commercial, television, and everything else in between.

Description: This cinematic inspired music really captures your attention. The strong percussion and haunting pads scream drama while the choir melody gives it an epic feel. The music is arranged to work great with a wide variety of powerful applications including film, trailers, documentary, television, video games, and much much more.

Description: This orchestral underscore combines a dark and cinematic style that really paints a picture. The strings play a dramatic melody while the haunting pads, bass, and timpani sets the tone. This music works great for a wide variety of projects including film, documentary, television, and more.

Description: This contemporary downtempo music combines a mellow and cool vibe with beauty and sophistication. The bell melody is complimented with a powerful beat and the dynamics dance to the music. The music is perfect for travel, television, nature, film, and much more.

Description: This sad modern classical piano and string music combines a heavy sense of sorrow, longing, and drama. The piano plays out a somber tone while the strings and atmospheric pads create a real sense of dread. This music works great for film, television, video game, horror, documentary and everything else in between.

Description: This dark and dramatic film score takes the listener on an ominous, evil, and horror filled ride. The powerful strings play out a tense and strangely beautiful melody while the main verse is filled with shadowy pads, strong percussion, and an overall modern style. This score is perfect for a wide variety of applications including drama, horror, film, documentary, feature films, and much much more.