Description: A dark and meditative trance-like new age tune with piano, acoustic guitars, electric bass, alto flute, vibes and marimba.

Description: A very relaxed and melancholic jazz ballad with piano, bass, drums and acoustic guitar. The perfect tune for an afternoon in a hammock under the old elm tree.

Description: A mysterious yet soothing latin waltz with alto flute, vibes, piano, acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, drums and percussion.

Description: A sad ballad with two pianos that evokes feelings of sorrow and forgiveness.

Description: A majestic bird's flight appears to be in slow motion filled with grace and awe featuring piano, guitar, bowed basses, synthesizer and strings.

Description: a classic jazz ballad of tragic heart break. Languid and mercurial, this melody is played to perfection by piano, guitar, electric piano and bass.