Description: This is a cue written for a dramatic and emotional scene. The emotive harmonies and round melody can bring out a host of emotions in the listener. The cue is suitable for a romantic scene or one containing a deep introspective and personal dialogue. The sparse instrumentation makes it perfect for syncing.

Description: This epic-sounding piece would work well as trailer music for a mystery/action piece or something having to do with conquest, battle, war, redemption, etc. It is written in three acts with a tail ending and can be edited to suit the needs of your trailer.

Description: This piece conjures a sense of grand foreboding. Perhaps the looming attack from the Huns or the beginning of a zombie apocalypse. It can also be seen as taking on an heroic posture. Numerous pieces of material along with the minor key harmonic sequence can be expanded to lend continuity to a film of any length.