Description: Emotional harp and acoustic guitar cue that has a childlike innocence. A lonely cello adds a touch of regret, an overwhelming sense of loss. The track later picks up pace with the intoduction of percussion, good options for edit for an underscore theme.

Description: Forgotton features an enigmatic harp with melodic piano with sentimental strings. The style is romantic, gentle and elegant with a sentimental tone invoking angelic innocence. Heavenly and pastoral it takes you to a place of elegance and beauty and leaves with a thought of what might have been..

Description: Atmospheric underscore, cinematic drums with haunting choir voices with exciting strings and synths. Great for trailers, advertising, gaming and cinematic underscore.

Description: Dark, dramatic piano introduction, leads into a tense emotional and moody film soundtrack, good options for edit mean you can have an entire filmscore to cut here, great for moments of high drama, has elements of darkness and fear, screeching electric guitars and kit with strings later in the track for depth, great soundtrack.

Description: Exciting drums and choir voices, very powerful and atmospheric. Good build and tight end. Great for trailers, adverts, gaming and cinematic underscore.

Description: Bass edit version of the cinematic track Nightcrawlers. This edit will work well for dramatic underscore, superb for moments of tension build up. great for any spy, horror, think along the lines of 28 Days Later, dark streets and creatures of the night. The original full track is available as film score with full choir and percussion.

Description: Stunningly simple piano and strings, very elegant and emotional, perfect for dramatic underscore, human drama and emotions, moments of life changing events. This cue will make you want to cry, very poignant/pensive. Perfect if you want to move your audience.

Description: A beautiful emotional piano piece, melody remiincent of Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells. The intoduction of a deep mournful cello and strings brings in emotion with a touch of regret, to a piece.which is both enigmatic and moving

Description: Time is now Zeitgeist Vibe! Sleek sexy electro tune, will sync well for underscore and will work with so many products, science, technology, telecoms, wireless. Percussive beats and rhythmns drive the track along, fast and vibrant tones. Think car promo or any youth audience that you want to excite

Description: Mournful solo violin and piano cue, poignant and melacholic with a heartfelt sense of woe. Both elegant and despairing, the cue will create a dramatic atmosphereric moment.

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