Description: A slow composition, an original mixture of ambient synths and orchestral sounds. It expresses limitless vasts of the Universe, eternal cold of interplanetary space, new horizons in the space which are to be opened in the distant future.

Description: A triumphal logo with bright brasses, sharp violins, guitar riffs and electronic drums. the music portrays success and complete victory, delight of winning the last match, achieving the main goal, overcoming serious problems.

Description: A triumphal logo with solemn bright brasses, strings, sharp timpanies, toms and crash cymbals. It expresses victory, win over all competitors.

Description: Short epic composition with orchestra and modern rythms. Bright brasses and strings, depicting glorious moments of battle or forthcoming triumph. New prospects, success and courage are expressed in the track.

Description: A short track with fast attacking strings and wide brasses, modern bass and percussion. The mood of the track is energetic, confident and decisive. Good for intro to a documentary.

Description: Epic composition, a mixture of orchestral and modern synth instruments. Loud brasses and strings, ambient synths, strong rythms and fills, distortion are represented there. The track has brave and confident mood.

Description: Electronic track with bright strings and brasses, energetic distortion riffs and percussion with drum fills. and even romantic acoustic guitars and strings in the middle of the track. The mood is hopeful, decisive and promising. It's like a coming back home after a long warfare or some dangerous situations, "a hard work is done".

Description: An epic track with sharp and dramatic strings, wide brasses, mellow guitar, drum fills and percussion. Associations of the track are: pride for victory and brave soldiers, memories of courage ones, deeds which are never to forget, future built on glorious victories of the past.

Description: A mixture of electronic and epic. Warlike brasses and strings, modern synths and percussion. The energetic atmosphere of the track depicts brave and courage people, fearless soldiers ready to fight til death, a great battle with numerous enemies.

Description: A romantic melodrama track with tender piano, clarinet, flute, strings and acoustic drums. A very positive and bright melody. As if dreams come true, a returning to happiest moments of life, a coming back to beloved one.

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