Description: The tragic lyrical emotional music. Cinematic trailer. Gentle and alarm Opera singing. Powerful orchestra. Powerful drums instruments.

Description: A powerful epic trailer. Symphony Orchestra, epic chorus - power, force and drama. Opener for dramatic media.

Description: This music was written in 2009. Then I still did not go smoothly. There were so many difficulties in life. And she vividly conveys my mood at the time. Modulations, dissonances. This music is very clearly lie on the film, and I wrote it specifically for a feature film where the protagonists have been forced into a dead end, did not know how to get out of this situation. Uncertainty, tragedy, psychology. If this film is more psychological. One of my favorite tracks.

Description: The mirror is an inwardness of each person. Each person is capable of different acts both on плохме and on the good. As all people are subject to emotions, psychological failures

Description: Powerful product with a symphony orchestra. Here are interwoven with mixed feelings, joys and sorrows, will power, war and kindness, drama and humanism.