Description: Imagine, this track is like studying raindrops, slowly running down a window. You're sad and hollow, slowly walking down an empty road alone.Reflective and pensive track with a melancholic undertone.

Description: Mysterious and pensive this cue carries a sense of loss and sadness within a gentle ambient vibe.

Description: Romantic sad , reflective and sentimental composition, very thoughtful and emotional. it portrays loss and hope , times passed all set to a sorrowful undertone. Warm and positive , this piano / strings track is filled with hope and a sense of new beginnings and and bright blue skies in the future. Romantic / Drama / Pictures

Description: Dramatic and dark in its nature, this cue contains a sad contemporary groove. TV / Drama / Documentary

Description: Rough and aggressive , this energetic rock track is great for those fast and energetic openings , sports / cars / robots . A Tense driving energy from beginning to end

Description: This Celtic flavored track opens up warm and inspirational. Imagine a a sunrise or sunset .Good as an non intrusive background to anything beautiful .

Description: Romantic and warm , reflective and sentimental. This wonderful piano / strings underscore will give a gentle glow to your heartfelt picture.

Description: Contemporary sound design For film and TV.Soft.Emotional, distant memories reflection .Uplifting piece with a sense of achievement, success, reaching new heights

Description: Great for Drama / TV / Documentary.Pleasant and relaxing vacation,sun and sky. Luxury products, dreams and wishes.

Description: Dramatic film cue piece, featuring orchestra design, carries a sense of worry and uncertainty, uncertainty as if time is running out. It is a sad moody dramatic underscore track. hypnotic, mystical, sad, strange, tense, worry, confused, medium tempo

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