Description: heroic grand theme dramatically underscoring the testosterone driven deeds of manly men in a masculine world of epic proportions.

Description: violent cinematic battle scene music, frantic and harsh.

Description: grand theme heralding the glory and grandeur of supreme human achievement.

Description: Epic Intro Soundtrack 'Apocalypse', is an epic, inspiring and powerful cinematic trailer music soundtrack to present your action, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure and war game and movie. Use it as trailer, teasers, promos, advertisement, slideshows, timelapses for tv, documentary, radio and cinema production. Mood: emotional, epic, inspiring, motivational, patriotic, heroic, powerful, triumphant, pompous, reflective, dramatic, dark, military, intense, brave, majestic

Description: A very calm and gently piece with soft string chords and piano. Great for very emotional, sad but heartwarming scenes.

Description: Dramatic and powerful orchestral piece, beginning softly, then building into a frantic climax. Dark and mysterious.

Description: Relaxing Piano - She Dreams the Breeze is a soul-soother, and comforting inspirer. Creating music for you to inspire the world. E-mail for a custom track made for just your lovely self. Cheers!

Description: The duel is a dramatic western soundtrack perfect for project that need an emotional background music. Use it as intro, trailer, teasers, promos, advertisement, slideshows, timelapses for tv films and movie, documentaries, radio and cinema production. Instruments: banjo, erhu, koto, guitar, bass, pan flute Mood: patriotic, heroic, dark, suspense, sad, dramatic.

Description: Sad orchestral adagio.

Description: Dramatic film score track with gripping arrangments over pulsating percussion.

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