Description: Sparse and simple "Piano Drama 2" is a beautiful piece to enhance the heartfelt emotions of your project. With a deep sense of longing and passion, this modern cue will inspire goosebumps (if not tears under the right setting).

Description: Soft and gentle, "Piano Memories" is a peaceful yet slightly somber solo piano composition. Perfect for any flashback in your project, this quiet and reflective underscore could also work as a memorial or quiet, reflective moment in your project as well.

Description: Gentle and soft, "Solace" is a quiet piano composition for tearful and emotional moments in your project. With its sparse, yet quiet and powerful sound, this cue can easily sit under intimate dialogue or romantic whispers. This music can also work in a peaceful nature setting or for a calming lullaby.

Description: Hollow and lonely, "Isolation" is a dark and perhaps spooky cue for any lonesome moment in your project. Composed to evoke a sense of longing and desperation for something or someone, this dramatic and understated track will add an eerie feeling of loss and loneliness to your drama on screen.

Description: Sparse and hollow, "A Lonely Soul" features an ethereal instrumentation of manipulated guitars, glockenspiel, and choir to bring a sad sense of mourning and loss to your film moments in need of drama. Slow and dreary, this cue also carries the emotion of isolation, despair, and desperation even deeper in your film.

Description: Slow and dramatic, "All Alone" is a haunting and sad cue for any film moment with tears, reflection, or solitude. Featuring a hollow ambiance with piano and guitar, this lonely sounding composition will add drama and painful emotion to your project.

Description: Emotionally strong and powerful, "Forever Seeking" is an intimate but stirring orchestral piece composed for nearly any emotional setting. Be it romance, loss, or an epic nature sequence, "Forever Seeking" will deliver the Hollywood power you need to enhance your project. Part drama, part inspiration, this score is perfect for your media!

Description: Emotionally charged, yet still intimate, "Simply Heartbreaking" is just that. This is the tragic score of a loved one feeling immense loss. This is the sound of saying an eternal goodbye. Growing in intensity, this sorrowful piece is perfect for end credits, or even a bitter sweet trailer. While the overwhelming mood is mournful, there is an abundance of love and hope in there as well.

Description: A piano solo with light strings underneath, “String Song” creates a touching moment for your project… Simple and airy, this track packs some understated emotion with enough motion to move a scene forward. Take a listen, and let your heart smile.

Description: Simple but deeply emotional, “To Say Goodbye” is the perfect intimate piece for crying. Fear not! This is a piano piece with violin and a delicate harp in the back.. It’s not pure sadness, as there is a sense of hope and growth toward a better future.