Description: An epic and emotional track that keeps building towards a heroic climax. Good for trailers, film/tv and commercials.

Description: An emotional and heroic track that slowly build to a climax. Featuring the full orchestra, choir and epic percussion. Good for trailers, film/tv and games.

Description: An atmospheric, melancholic and cinematic track conveying the feeling of emptiness, cold and longing. Good for film,tv and video projects that needs a nostalgic and bittersweet touch.

Description: Cinematic orchestral theme conveying heroism and sacrifice. Suitable for trailers and commercials

Description: Epic hybrid track featuring strings, brass and choir. Good for trailers

Description: Cinematic orchestral cue featuring strings. Suitable for trailers, commercials and tv.

Description: Orchestral cinematic theme featuring piano that express passing of time. Suitable for trailers and commercials.