Description: Passionate vocals lay over a sound scape of pianos, string ensemble, violin, harp, and french horns culminating in a beautifully exquisite score. Highly recommended for tv, film, commercials, video games, or any video multimedia.

Description: Very dramatic, epic orchestral track,with the expressive culmination.Can be used as the soundtrack for the film, the music for trailer, background music for video games and other media Projects .

Description: A vast range of emotions exudes from this beautifully orchestrated cinematic score. Delicate soprano vocals lay way to the sweet tones of strings underscore and a cello counter melody that mix perfectly to give an uplifting yet haunting experience.

Description: can be used to enhance angry emotion in a scene.

Description: comedy, romantic, dramatic, quirky, love,

Description: Strings-only version of the Heroes Requiem full version track. Thick lush long string chords with a techno/ambient edge to it.

Description: Dark and brooding digital depression.

Description: bowed bass plays simple motif, accompanied by sparse piano. suggested for scenes involving mystery or intrigue, resolves after 60 seconds.

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