Description: New type of product of music song only for piano

Description: Strings-only version of the Heroes Requiem full version track. Thick lush long string chords with a techno/ambient edge to it.

Description: Dramatic, serious and tension filled cue.

Description: Classic dark dramatic tension. Edge of your seat, creepy, ghostly atmosphere, where the tension is too much to bear. All with the feeling that something or someone could jump out at any moment. Features slow discordant piano and light sound design with scraped cymbals. Great for film and tv. Main mix, 60sec, 30sec and sting versions

Description: Sad Clown is mid tempo sad emotional sentimental music. Featuring accordion, strings, glockenspiel, brass, tuba, bassoon, orchestral drums. Ideal for film, animation, video game, circus videos, emotional videos, and many other media projects.

Description: Soft, meallow, bright dreamy intro or background music for an enchanting adventure in a fantasy Fairy Tale or Magic Land. Harp and Crotales create the initial magic feeling, and a hint of epic adventure takes form with the background horns and Hollywood strings section that joins. A hopeful flute takes over the theme and we enter a beautiful and bright mood, looking forward to wondrous adventures ahead. Variants: 2 Min / 2 Min Loop / 1 Min / 1 Min Static Tempo Loop / 1 Min Dynamic Tempo Loop / 25 sec intro sequence.

Description: Enchanting fairy tale in shimmering (triangle/crotales) bright fantasy landscapes with magical kingdoms. Airy, light pizzicato for optimistic mood. Cinematic background strings, mellow horns for grand and wondrous adventures ahead. Variants: 2:05 / 2:02 Loop / 1:17 Flute / 1:17 Clarinet Horn / 1:13 Loop / 1:13 Loop No Pizzicato Intro / 0:25 Intro or Ending

Description: Wet, uneasy, sad piano track. Royalty Free Music and Stock Music for Creative Audio Visual Projects Including YouTube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash, and All Media.