Description: A laid back pop track with a nice groove featuring uplifting piano, acoustic guitar and strings.

Description: Contemporary fusion music, with the dramatic edge. makes the perfect soundtrack, or score for any project that's looking to take their production to the next level.

Description: Dramatic sad background strings music for sad movie scenes. Emotional, defeated, sorrow, sentimental, touching and cinematic. Long and soft strings ensemble chords with changing tempo and volume. Hollywood styled dramatic melody. Suitable for cinematic movies, video games, motivational speech videos and inspirational moments.

Description: This atmospheric music combines a dramatic edge with a big sound. The big bass and drums add power while the haunting pads give the music a softer tone. This music works great for a wide variety of projects including television, ads, business, and more.

Description: A quietly noble piece that features solo piano.

Description: Very dramatic, epic orchestral track,with the expressive culmination.Can be used as the soundtrack for the film, the music for trailer, background music for video games and other media Projects .

Description: can be used to enhance angry emotion in a scene.

Description: Emotional, beautifully orchestrated piece with lush film score feel.

Description: Subtle, psychological beautiful piano item with dynamic rock, orchestral culmination.