Description: Emotional and evoking Philip Glass like piano piece in mid tempo and a tearful melody, both sad and happy at the same time.

Description: Great Epic Italian film score. Orchestra, Violin and Mandolin. Melody similar to The Godfather, with a sense of romance, nostalgia and sadness. Passionate, powerful film music soundtrack. Lost lovers, dramatic family gatherings, reconciliations, broken hearts.

Description: Bright grand adventure in slow, building majestic style with full orchestration. Slow beautiful grand strings with mellow soft and stately brass. Wondrous shimmering whirling harp and enchanted hopeful clarinet. Variants: 6 Min / 4 Min / 2 Min, all tracks can be looped.

Description: Sensual cinematic music with a neo-noir vibe in the style and tradition of the provocative motion picture scores to Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction and Silence Of The Lambs. Very Hitchcock, mysterious, alluring, secretive. Film Noir, Psycho Thriller, slow cautious plotting, following, watching...

Description: A contemporary synth bass haunts your thoughts and contemplates your emotions.

Description: Graceful, Shimmering, Impressive

Description: A sad piano piece that gets dramatic toward the end.

Description: slow piano piece accompanied by harpsichord and strings. suggested for setting of a formal funeral, serious narrative or bittersweet love scene.

Description: Large scale orchestral work. Foreboding atmosphere with an approach to war like theme. Punchy string melodies soar above large scale percussion. Epic piece. Great for game trailer or scene setting.