Description: Dramatic and sexy with prominent rhodes, synth and percussion. Urban feel. Dark.

Description: drama, sadness, flute melody with piano, dark strings, glock sequence, haunting, eerie, dark chord changes

Description: This solo piano piece is hopeful and thoughtful. The melody is catchy and memorable. Perfect for use in film, television or commercials.

Description: A slow, reflective piece with piano. It evokes feelings of calmness and introspection. It's a good underscore for dramatic / romantic scenes, documentaries and commercials with a sentimental feel. Instrumental, Dramatic Music, Calm Mellow Music

Description: Piano, strings and light percussion play slow emotional A/B patterns suggested for end credits, main title sequences, dramatic montages, bittersweet romantic scenes of lost love.

Description: A dramatic strings ensemble film score suitable for end credits, movie endings or cinematic movie scenes. Emotional, dark, sad and touching.

Description: A soft and wondrous choral. Chanting monks in the monastery, or a religious church choir. We can feel the presence of The Light and holy priests! Holy places, temples, healing priests. Great for documentaries, video games, film settings in churches and cathedrals.

Description: Smokey atmospheric and mysterious opening that introduces a seductive saxophone, ambient guitars, and cellos.

Description: Mesmerizing chilling sad piano track. Use it for the moments of loss.

Description: Dramatic film score soundtrack with symphonic, orchestral instruments such as strings ensemble, piano, violin, cello, bass, human voice, percussion, choir, woodwinds, harp, flute and background texture pads. It's mixing atmospheric ambient underscore based structure with brilliant melodic elements. Mood is dramatic, emotional, soft, lost, touching, sad, passionate, chillout and soundscape. Ideal for drama movies, cinematic films, documentaries, inspiring commercials, hollywood movie themes and short film projects.