Description: Large scale orchestral work. Foreboding atmosphere with an approach to war like theme. Punchy string melodies soar above large scale percussion. Epic piece. Great for game trailer or scene setting.

Description: A vast range of emotions exudes from this beautifully orchestrated cinematic score. Delicate soprano vocals lay way to the sweet tones of strings underscore and a cello counter melody that mix perfectly to give an uplifting yet haunting experience.

Description: Melancholic and quiet piano piece. Very nostalgic and ironic. Excellent for dramatic scenes.

Description: Beautiful emotional piece performed on piano

Description: A piano soars through the memories of her mind and accounts for many as just ordinary burdens..."throw them away", it repeats over and over again, "let go and fulfill your life". By film composer Jeremy Khawaja.

Description: Dramatic piano backed with ambient pads,perfect for underscore.Piano keys are kept sparse and simple to allow the visual to speak for itself,this is a dramatic unserscore that will enhamce but not detract from a visual whether filmscore or advertising use.Perfect for finacial product advertising.

Description: Cinematic orchestral theme conveying heroism and sacrifice. Suitable for trailers and commercials

Description: Dark and hauntingly beautiful piano melody with light orchestration creating a creepy, elegant sense of danger. This piece has a deep mysterious atmosphere perfect for daytime dramas, soap operas, suspense, mystery, medical drama, documentaries, horror and suspense projects.

Description: can be used to enhance angry emotion in a scene.

Description: Upbeat funky cool corporate hip-hop, perfect for adding some cool to your presentation, live show, seminar or video. Super funky walking beats, wah guitar, warm synths & horns & a friendly upbeat positive slinky vibe mean that this is the way to make your business or corporation contemporary & the coolest. Instrumental, Corporate Music, Corporate Hip Hop Music