Description: a dramatic hybrid classical and electronic track.

Description: A beautiful slow moving track featuring piano and strings with a modern groove.

Description: An inquisitive sounding orchestra track with beautiful string melodies, flute, contra bass and tubular bells.

Description: We want to cry, all seems empty and meaningless. Darkness.

Description: Majestic mountains is so indelibly impressed ...

Description: Edgy, tense & rolling urban electronic minimal underscore. Determined, dark & driven with a feeling of anticipation and 'up against the clock'. Great for Corporate, technical, scientific, documentary, visuals and voice-overs. Plenty of stops and starts for easy editing. Various mixes

Description: Orchestral, lush and smooth with light pizzicato strings and melodic woodwinds create a reflective and longing mood.

Description: The Journey: The ups and downs of the emotional journey of life