Description: A beautiful slow moving track featuring piano and strings with a modern groove.

Description: An inquisitive sounding orchestra track with beautiful string melodies, flute, contra bass and tubular bells.

Description: Stabbing pain – the loss of a loved one. They are gone forever – to the war, into the ocean, to the other … We want to cry, all seems empty and meaningless. Darkness.

Description: Majestic mountains is so indelibly impressed ...

Description: Edgy, tense & rolling urban electronic minimal underscore. Determined, dark & driven with a feeling of anticipation and 'up against the clock'. Great for Corporate, technical, scientific, documentary, visuals and voice-overs. Plenty of stops and starts for easy editing. Various mixes

Description: Orchestral, lush and smooth with light pizzicato strings and melodic woodwinds create a reflective and longing mood.

Description: The sensation of internal intensity does not leave abandon this track listening up to the latest note. Struggle light with dark, optimisms with despondency, strength of mind with lack of will - that characterizes this track. Powerful orchestral impacts alternate with the intense expectation. This music is full of internal dramatic art and a pressure, it will emphasize and will strengthen dramatic character of visual perception

Description: An instrumental ballad with piano, violin, cello, and bass - beautiful, elegant, haunting, and melancholy.