Description: Ambient and restful, yet apprehensive and uncertain, the constantly changing weather and seasons. Ideal of natural world, nature, or human emotion tv and documentary. Main mix, lite mix, 60, 30 and 12 sec versions

Description: Warm and tender, featuring acoustic piano and smooth strings that create a romantic and sentimental mood.

Description: A masterful string ensemble gives a solemn performance reflecting upon a forsaken people and the devastation of their lives. Deeply expressive music designed for documentaries, memorials, burials, funerals, war museums, investigative reports, The History Channel, National Geographic, PBS. In the style and tradition of John Williams’ haunting score to Schindler’s List.

Description: A mix of dubstep and orchestral feels make for this epic, uplifting underscore. Great for youtube videos and video game play throughs, film and tv use, video games, and any time you just need to listen to some good music. Stems available for additional fee, contact customer support for more info.

Description: Heavy melodic strings and piano swirl and swell with emotion in this heart wrenching and deeply emotional orchestral track.

Description: A delicate piano and orchestral track inspired by Philip Glass compositions. Dynamic instrumentation and reflective mood with shades of light and dark. Instrumental, Soundalikes, Philip Glass

Description: A dark, pensive and very tense film underscore track using staccato string section, ethnic percussion. A very serious tone which sets the scene for crime, thriller, international conspiracies, terrorists, etc.underwater

Description: Piano and Strings slow dramatic ballad, great melody starting with piano solo, from the half of the song start strings too. Like Ennio Morricone, perfect for soundtrack Tv, Film.

Description: Dark Drone is a dramatic soundscape, great texture for movies and games. Very low and mysterious rumble, scary yet provocative, can work in many different projects as a frightening and thrilling atmosphere. It’s a perfect background for all kinds of projects where you need something to keep the tension high.

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