Description: Dramatic film score soundtrack with symphonic, orchestral instruments such as strings ensemble, piano, violin, cello, bass, human voice, percussion, choir, woodwinds, harp, flute and background texture pads. It's mixing atmospheric ambient underscore based structure with brilliant melodic elements. Mood is dramatic, emotional, soft, lost, touching, sad, passionate, chillout and soundscape. Ideal for drama movies, cinematic films, documentaries, inspiring commercials, hollywood movie themes and short film projects.

Description: pop, slow moving, light, romantic, pretty, acoustic guitar, nice groove

Description: Dramatic Presentation is an ideal background cinematic track for trailer, commercial video projects and more.

Description: Deep beneath our world forces are shaping to erupt and endanger our planet.

Description: It is a thoughtful and sad acoustic track.

Description: Sombre, dramatic orchestral piece with oboe, strings, and piano. Very grand and powerful atmosphere.

Description: Bright, peaceful track with soft harp, beautiful strings, dreamy flute and majestic mellow brass in tranquil mood. Walking in calm fantasy adventure landscape, wholesome nature. Variants: 5 Min w. Choir/ 4 Min/ 3 Min/ 2 Min Choir / 1 Min Loop / 20s Harp Solo Intro

Description: Dramatic Strings that start soft and then build. Great for video games, film, and other media.