Description: Epic Hero's Journey has a big and bold orchestral sound. The piece can be used whenever an epic atmosphere is required! It can be used to evoke a feeling of heroism, inspiration and triumph over adversity.

Description: Spotlights, red carpets, camera flashes, and movie stars

Description: strings, acoustic guitar, piano, building in intensity, positive sound.

Description: Drumline/Marching Band big intro

Description: whimisical, cute, elevator music, happy.

Description: This is – a short orchestral AudioJungle. It contains the male voice, strings, brass and orchestral percussion. Can be used in business commercial, cinematic, promo and advertisement video, holiday and celebration events.

Description: Short, cinematic commercial track.

Description: Night. The rain is dripping. Sad mood. My short play talks about this. This melody illustrates several moods and transmits different feelings: happiness with small melancholy, romantic, hope for the birth of a new love, light sadness... How can you use this melody? Of course, as a ringtone for your mobile phone (cellular phone) or smartphone! And also for the musical design of your tablet PC, or desktop computer, or laptop (netbook).

Description: A short and minimal piano bed.

Description: Ethnic percussion, smooth piano, and driving guitars create a mysterious bed that combines elements of both crime drama and reality television.

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