Description: Combination of orchestral instruments and modern arrangements including drums, bass and samples. Suitable for action/mystery/suspense scenes.

Description: Grand, flowing orchestral piece with epic, triumphant atmosphere.

Description: Emotional piece with oboe, lush strings and solid drums. Very dramatic, epic and powerful.

Description: Dynamic, powerful, quirky orchestral piece with various sections. Pizzicato strings take the lead. Builds throughout into a big climax.

Description: Emotional piano and strings piece. Mysterious and flowing, with various sections.

Description: Dramatic action/suspense track with gripping strings, horns and driving drum/bass groove. Powerful and dynamic.

Description: Dramatic, suspenseful orchestral track with electic guitar and solid drum groove. Unusual, interesting arrangement.

Description: Mysterious, atmospheric electronic track with solid beat and cool, quirky synths and bells.

Description: Emotional film score piece with lush strings, flute and light percussion

Description: Uplifting orchestral piece with grand epic feel

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