Description: Curious, light hearted dramedy track featuring upright bass. Light and positive. Mysterious, yet smiling.

Description: Upbeat and snappy track for mischievous scenarios. Bouncy and plucky. Positive.

Description: Driving and bouncy with an energetic and optimistic feel depicting a whimsical commercial.

Description: A sparse dramedy track with hits of suspenseful, sneakiness, and ineptness.

Description: Bouncy and rhythmic featuring a jazzy bass riff and a percussive groove creating a mysterious and cool mood.

Description: Bright and shimmering featuring retro organ in a Latin Jazz style creating a carefree mood.

Description: Bouncy and carefree featuring Jazzy trumpet and warm electric piano in the style of a blues shuffle creating a laidback and satisfied mood.

Description: Light hearted and playful. Strings and bells give this track it’s personality.

Description: Whimsical and quirky in the style of Polka and Zydeco featuring accordion create a carefree and happy mood.