Description: A playful mix of orchestral instruments and percussion. Cunning and crafty.

Description: Sounds like a comedic conclusion to a funny cartoon scene or Pixar animation.

Description: percussion, bells, musical sequence, comedy, mystery, suspense, arpeggio, xylophone

Description: Comedy, Comedy-Slapstick, Comedic, Fun, Humor, in a Fun mood, featuring Percussion, Solo-Instrument, with a Free tempo

Description: Excerpt of the full Big Band Showtune. Funny vibraphone & upright bass lick. Perfect for videos that need a retro touch - advertising, blogs, cinema production, games, podcast, broadcasting, tv shows. Comes in 5 versions: 28 seconds, 14 seconds, 12 seconds, 5 seconds and a 29 second version that sounds like worn out vinyl.

Description: A light and fun Polka tune that will get you smiling and wanting to dance. Has all the required elements including accordion (of course), organ, brushes and charm.

Description: An orchestral track with a male tenor melody and choir back-ups. It has a marching feel with italian flavors like castanets and ocarina lines.