Description: Curious, light hearted dramedy track featuring upright bass. Light and positive. Mysterious, yet smiling.

Description: Funny upbeat track, with banjo – style melody in a combination with dance beat. Positive, catchy and sunny tune, that spreads joy and happiness.

Description: Light,playfull,romantic,positive,joyful.

Description: Driving and upbeat in the style of 1960's surf rock featuring trumpet and electric guitar depicting a scene similar to ""The Munsters"".

Description: A brief, mischievous piece with a sneaky vibe, perfect for short commercials, or cheeky, sly scenes

Description: Carnival Relaxed Adventurous Reflective Sensitive Fun

Description: Pop Culture Corral, comedy, cartoon, fun, humorous, spaghetti western

Description: Fun , yet slightly tense . Unusual instrumentation provides comic relief and let

Description: Playful funny childish comedy cute fun easy light.