Description: Pop Culture Corral, comedy, cartoon, fun, humorous, spaghetti western

Description: Bouncy, mischievous piece, with pizzicato strings.

Description: Except from Charles L. Johnson’s Dill Pickles Rag (1906). Great for any project where you need immediate silent movie comedy.

Description: Cinema, Comedy, Drama-Action, Drama, Drama-Fantasy, Drama-Suspense, Drama-Horror, Holidays, Holidays-Halloween, Dramatic, Dark, Pensive, Serious, Active, Action, Agitated, Anticipation, Driving, Frantic, Suspense, Adventure, Chase, Tension, Eerie, Quirky, Mysterious, Fantastic, in a Mysterious, Scary mood, featuring Orchestra, Strings, Percussion, with a Fast, Mid tempo

Description: Playful percussion with a ticking clock melody, this is a great music cue for game shows, time is running out, beat the clock, will also suit comedy underscore for family fun scenes.

Description: light hearted pizzicato underscore/cue.

Description: Quirky orchestral piece with a comical twist. Elegant and charming!

Description: ssassy, light-hearted, and mischievous cue perfect for a romantic comedy or dramedy.

Description: orchestral with rhythm section comedic secret agent theme.

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