Description: Silly, abstract and definitely funny, "Plucky Comedy 2" is.... you guessed it.. an underscore designed with plucked stings and short notes to fit under any comedic situation. Part cartoon, part "Hey Bubba! Hold my beer and watch what I can do!" - this cue is perfect under a sneaky cat and mouse scenario or anything funny.

Description: Ironic and silly, “Plucky Funnies” is a goofy orchestral score of winds and strings that go… pluck. Perfect for any funny cat and mouse chase, or even better, a scene where you look at a character and just know he’s about to do something stupid. This is a great cue for a cartoon as well.

Description: Upbeat and lively, "Super Fun Time" is... Super Fun! Great for tech blogs or a commercial for your favorite fruit-named electronic company, this track is all smiles.