Description: happy joyfull vibe pizzis for kids.

Description: music with african drums and salsa trumpets.

Description: a lilting and charming childlike tune with piano, bass, recorder and percussion.

Description: a marchlike jazz tune with piano, electric bass, electric piano, marimba, acoustic guitar, tin whistle and drums.

Description: a fun, carefree and relaxed tune with basson, marimba, vibes, flute and drums.

Description: a fast, happy-go-lucky swing tune with piano, bass, guitar, vibes, tin whistle, ukulele and drums.

Description: a very odd and comedic tine with bassoon, acoustic bass, acoustic guitar, mandolin, vibes, flute, fiddle, tuba, sax, banjo and piano.

Description: an energetic and spirited tune with piano, bass, guitar, drums and vibes.

Description: a charming and humorous tune with piano, electric piano, bass, guitar, drums and ukulele.

Description: a fun and humorous jazz tune with piano, bass, drums, guitar and vibes.

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