Description: humour movies circus gags.

Description: funny brass trumpet imitating the elephant with a bit of funky.

Description: oceanic flutes, harp, strings.

Description: synths for cartoon theme.

Description: synths for cartoon theme.

Description: a fun piece that's perfect for cartoons. pizzicato strings walk up and down while while random horns accent unforseen "smacks"!.

Description: the sound of piccolo that gives us a pleasantand simple atmosphere for video game.

Description: A light-hearted tune with vibraphone lead and jazzy drums. Slightly sneaky and full of fun, it has style and panache. Suggestive of a jewel thief or a bungling Police detective, it flows beautifully with slight drama and a neat, clean feel.

Description: solo piano childrens music.

Description: Classical Light Moderate Medium Up-tempo Exotic Human Happy Positive Graceful Humorous Funny Strange Piano Interlude Background Romance Comic Comedy Rural Pastoral Morning European Television TV Radio Movies Period Films Spot.

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