Description: A humorous sea shanty march.

Description: Light-hearted yet slightly wistful piece with French accordion and perky violin and xylophone runs. Builds to cascading finale.

Description: ducks aren't the most orderly creatures and tend to run into each other when they gather. here is a soundtrack for them.

Description: a little bug work music with lower brass, flute, indian sitar, marimba, piano, congas and dobro guitar.

Description: a humorous gypsy jazz tune with accordion, mandolin, guitar, piano and upright bass.

Description: This 30-sec track has the potential to put a smile on the face of any pre-schooler while they watch their favorite cartoon. Woodwinds provide a staccato waltz while the added strings evoke images of dancing bears. Perfect for animated children's shows, educational videos or kids' video games.

Description: short, individual soundtrack

Description: a just for fun duet between a tuba and a piccolo with a few finger snaps for time keeping.

Description: (jazz theme) A rocky road is a bumpy ride for sure, and this tune shows a perfect picture of an old rattle trap work truck on a hard scrabble road.

Description: A light-hearted tune with vibraphone lead and jazzy drums. Slightly sneaky and full of fun, it has style and panache. Suggestive of a jewel thief or a bungling Police detective, it flows beautifully with slight drama and a neat, clean feel.