Description: Magical and Medieval music, adventure theme, a dream Awakened Into the fantasy world of fairies

Description: Happy "Cartoon Music" : an old Train Locomotive is running over countries. Old Jazzy style with real instruments recorded, flute and saxophone.

Description: Charming and lovely, plinky plonky and playful, ideal for a small childrens or cartoon theme. Full mix, underscore, 30 and 08 sec versions available.

Description: A little bug work music, since that seems to be what bugs do. Features lower brass, flute, Indian Sitar, African marimba, piano, congas and dobro guitar.

Description: fun and playful at first, the piece slowly gets darker and darker with heavier low sounds and ethnic percussion rhythms.

Description: strings and chords version.

Description: a short qwerky piece in the style of danny elfman.

Description: the sound of piccolo that gives us a pleasantand simple atmosphere for video game.

Description: Cheerful, playful music,full of joyful moments and positive inspiration with upbeat ukulele strum,pizzicato strings ,sweet bells theme and acoustic guitar solo.

Description: funny brass trumpet imitating the elephant with a bit of funky.