Description: Fun music for discovering something new

Description: Mania prevails with this crazy whirlwind of activity! Kids of all ages will love it's high energy and dizzying tempo! Piano, picolo flute, acoustic guitar, bass & accordion.

Description: ducks are so awkward when they try to march together. here's a tune to help them stay in line.

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. The musical composition with trumpet, violin. It’s medium, children's/kids, cartoons, children's, harp-like, kiddy. The mood of music is silly songs of a sorcerer, strange and folly characters

Description: humour movies circus gags.

Description: a fun piece that's perfect for cartoons. pizzicato strings walk up and down while while random horns accent unforseen "smacks"!.

Description: Light-hearted yet slightly wistful piece with French accordion and perky violin and xylophone runs. Builds to cascading finale.

Description: oceanic flutes, harp, strings.

Description: Cartoon music, going through a variety of moods, uplifting ending.