Description: A comedic gypsy jazz tune with a Keystone cops feel. Features accordion, marimba, acoustic guitar, flute and acoustic bass.

Description: a quirky and happy-go-lucky jazz tune with electric piano, guitar, bass and drums with brushes.

Description: A light-hearted tune with vibraphone lead and jazzy drums. Slightly sneaky and full of fun, it has style and panache. Suggestive of a jewel thief or a bungling Police detective, it flows beautifully with slight drama and a neat, clean feel.

Description: Short stinger with Disney-style orchestral arrangements. Great for presentation logo and commercial.

Description: Jazz piano jazz-guitar and a funky trumpet creates a slightly contemporary inspirational comedy style melody with lots of fun and happiness. The melody is catchy and very useful for advertising as it holds a feel good style piano melody. Very simple and inspirational catchy jazz which could easily represent a product or advert. Suggested end use: Comedy advert or advertising.

Description: bassoon, brass, cello, drums, double bass, flute, flutes, harp, orchestra, violin, synthesiser, pian

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill. The musical composition with Symphony/Orchestra. It's slow, symphonic, filmscore, adventure, romantic. The mood of music is: the outer majestic worlds are close, fabulous realms in a far-distant planet.

Description: Shabby, faded grandure, comic waltz. Slightly quirky comic horror. Various cuts and mixes

Description: Imagine a 1950's b&w scene with a happy couple skipping along in front of shop windows arm in arm. Bouncy woodwinds set the stage with light percussion and strings joining in on the fun at 0:06 and 0:13. Perfect for kids' shows, cartoons, or any scene needing an interjection of bounce and fun!

Description: Happy "Cartoon Music" : an old Train Locomotive is running over countries. Old Jazzy style with real instruments recorded, flute and saxophone.