Description: Catchy pop instrumental track in the style and tradition of space age pop and exotica lounge music in vogue during the 1950s & 1960s. Designed for retro pop culture, vintage advertising, bachelor pad lifestyle, chic fashion shows, nostalgia conventions, shopping malls, supermarkets & in-store music.

Description: Sweet and pensive, comic romantic merry go round. Eastern European tradtional Gypsy style played by small orchestra. Main mix, String movement, Clarinet movement, 44sec, 15sec and 09 sec versions

Description: Inspiring and uplifting orchestral score.

Description: Funky feel-good groove with stabbing melodic horns.

Description: Spice up your next video projects with this multipurpose track good for internet projects Indie films, or whatever you can imagine. Enjoy!

Description: Dark dreamy soundscape dugged evil

Description: A great drone soundscape ambient song.

Description: whispering tribal sounds in this atmospheric piece

Description: This is an amazing track from Buddha Wisdom, a big production feel, a fast pace 007 spy movie. The sky is the limit with this track, use for internet and indie film projects, whatever you imagine. Enjoy!

Description: Ominous orchestral/Electronic piece with spaceous brass swells, driving strings, and ambient synth washes.

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