Description: A mellow trumpet sound mixed with a lightly driving beat

Description: Dark, moody, dramatic cue with sparse piano work, exotic percussion, low vocal work, synthesizer

Description: Terrifying horror orchestral piece. Ideal for horror film scene.

Description: Emotional piano-driven piece with old school beats and sympathetic strings.

Description: A sly and funky heist piece. Ideal for any kind of heist film scene.

Description: Ambient electronic piece with electronic pulses, percussion and piano drifting over top.

Description: Film score for dark thriller with introspective moments and disturbing climaxes.

Description: Spaceous electronic piece with classic guitar, ambient soundscapes, percussion, and lush strings.

Description: Shy, lyrical and bashful comic romance, featuring free tempo pianoin 5 movements. Perfect for silent movies or mime comedy.

Description: dark, apprehensive, bittersweet, dissonant.