Description: Film score for dark thriller with introspective moments and disturbing climaxes.

Description: Spaceous electronic piece with classic guitar, ambient soundscapes, percussion, and lush strings.

Description: super sexy classy downtempo track.

Description: a journey across planet.

Description: sad dark ambient track beginning with piano and analog synth and leading to atmospheric downtempo electronic music

Description: beautiful ambient epic analog-synth-laden experimental electronic track, starts off without percussion and then halfway through wild electronic percussion adds a different element of the atmospheric scenery.

Description: Ethnic, Acoustic, Orchestral Film and Tv Score

Description: Gentile, melancholic and reflective echoes of the past, in a slightly whimsical and light-hearted waltz. Warm and fuzzy memories, of a favourite place or character. Reminiscent of the Victorian or Edwardian period. Ideal for dramedy, comedy, cinema, childrens fairytale and TV or Radio commercials. Main and underscore mixes, in full, 60sec, 30sec and sting versions

Description: Brusches and piano, an unconventional soundscape, feat. voices electric piano and electronic elements.

Description: Profondox is characterized by various atmospheres-characters: - Effects pseudo ironic initials (for example suitable to describe shots of life of insects, or cartoon characters) - Dramatic crescendo of trumpets and concrete sounds (suitable to describe a tragic event) - Melody atmospheres mysterious (it's the calm after the storm)