Description: Cinematic track with a sci-fi/western feel. Undergirded by synth pulses and complex percussion textures, this piece is unique, interesting, with unforgettable melodies, great orchestral writing, and even a banjo or two. Great for movies, short films, trailers, and even ads in the right context.

Description: Jovial, light and carefree whimsical theme, quintessentially English and typical of the Victorian or Edwardian period. Ladies and gentlemen of all classes promenading in the park, taking in the fresh air and slightly quirky characters. Great for Reality TV, Comedy, Slapstick & Children's TV. Main, 60sec and 30sec mixes plus underscores

Description: Actually cinematic theme whith driving and at the same time thoughtful and dreaming mood...

Description: 000002E6 00000128 00004FD2 00001E2E 0002D949 00025249 00007FFF 00007FFF 0002C705 000240D6

Description: Suspense building, intense, powerful; drums and percussions with sound effects. Great track for Chase Cue, Suspense Cue, Film Soundtracks, Scary/Ominous Cue, and Action Cue

Description: Very soft, romantic and quite atmosphere track, with a very smooth and gentle Piano movement , This heartfelt a beautifully reflective, mellow piece perfect for movie productions which looking to create a peaceful, heartwarming mood.

Description: Spacey vocalizations, percussion, and primitive synths float over an alternate dimension of electromechanical noise. It's weird and wonderful, and a bit creepy.

Description: Guitars interweave in and out with one another while strange percussion plays in the background. Instrumentation includes found pieces, junk percussion, and non-traditional sounds. Dark and strange.

Description: Strange and outlandish cinematic music reflecting the hideous movements of a grotesque bug. Imagine a disgusting insect-like creature invading a serene nocturnal dreamland and creeping into your bed!

Description: Brooding avant-garde piece with solo blues guitar, ambient synthesizers, tabla, and bass strings