Description: 000002E6 00000128 00004FD2 00001E2E 0002D949 00025249 00007FFF 00007FFF 0002C705 000240D6

Description: Suspense building, intense, powerful; drums and percussions with sound effects. Great track for Chase Cue, Suspense Cue, Film Soundtracks, Scary/Ominous Cue, and Action Cue

Description: Very soft, romantic and quite atmosphere track, with a very smooth and gentle Piano movement , This heartfelt a beautifully reflective, mellow piece perfect for movie productions which looking to create a peaceful, heartwarming mood.

Description: Spacey vocalizations, percussion, and primitive synths float over an alternate dimension of electromechanical noise. It's weird and wonderful, and a bit creepy.

Description: Guitars interweave in and out with one another while strange percussion plays in the background. Instrumentation includes found pieces, junk percussion, and non-traditional sounds. Dark and strange.

Description: This funny percussive track was created using ONLY kitchen utensils. Everything was recorded live - pots, glasses, knives, ladles, buckets etc. Garbage pail was used as a bass-drum; knife, gripped in the screw-clamp served as double-bass, basins became crashes and rides and so on! My studio looked amazing after this recording set-) This track can be useful in creative advertising or showreel. Generally, it's just fun and amusing!

Description: Strange and outlandish cinematic music reflecting the hideous movements of a grotesque bug. Imagine a disgusting insect-like creature invading a serene nocturnal dreamland and creeping into your bed!

Description: Brooding avant-garde piece with solo blues guitar, ambient synthesizers, tabla, and bass strings

Description: Inspired by Italian scores from the 50s, this one has a solo electric guitar, synthesizer, African percussion, and pizzicato bass

Description: Strange, but epic and upbeat "Cirque Du Obscurite" (Circus of the Dark) is an industrial - meets - film score adventure track. Perfect for an emotional action trailer, this is the sound of the diabolical yet wonderful trickery that happens in the seedy underground.