Description: big military or sports orchestral film score, strings & harp, adding woodwinds, going to the brass and percussion building to an serious end.

Description: heroic orchestral film score on an epic adventure, with a strong theme; featuring trumpets, horns, and trombones.

Description: The discovery of a Nazi Death Camp by U.S. Army GIs and the reflection and implications of the importance of the rescue. From one music cue for film.

Description: orchestral film score; an optimistic or satirical view of the fight as in sports or military combat.

Description: majestically romantic, this orchestral film score, starts with solo trumpet, then strings building to a climactic full orchestra section followed by a reflective end.

Description: u.s., china, & japan, are hinted at in this wwii epic film score; featuring full orchestra.

Description: more majestically romantic, than adventure, this orchestral film score reaches a climactic section on trumpet.

Description: americana orchestral film score, with an optimistic, positive energy pushing a strong theme on a backbeat; featuring trumpets & horns.

Description: complete theme in post be-bop laid back jazz, used for film score; featuring harmon muted trumpet.

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