Description: adventurous feel with marching snare drum and timpani

Description: Drama, Drama-Adventure, Panorama, Adventure, Positive, Uplifting, Building, Panoramic, in a Adventurous, Positive mood, featuring Orchestra, Synth, with a Mid tempo

Description: Drama, Drama-Epic, Majestic, Mysterious, Big, Epic, in a Mysterious mood, featuring Vocals, Group, Hum, Tubular Bells, Drums, Synth, Orchestra, with a Mid tempo

Description: Epic, Dangerous with orchestral brass and strings

Description: funeral march with Snare and Bass Drum

Description: Drama, Drama-Epic, Melodrama, Bold, Prestigious, in a Majestic mood, featuring Percussion, Strings, Vocals, Drums, with a Fast tempo

Description: adventurous feel with percussive beats and various synth sounds

Description: Percussive, Active with bass drum, snare, and breakbeat

Description: percussive, building with drumrolls and cymbals

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