Description: Sounds like slow discovery of scenic beauty and wonder, with elements of the primitive and tribal.

Description: Creates the feeling of flying or fast movement in a very flowing manner. Builds and then trails off.

Description: Creates the image of hallucinations and confusion in a Native American context. Psychedelic sounds build and rhythm takes the track to busy and intense.

Description: Sounds like a scenic view of the American west that explodes into rock. A blend of the traditional and the modern.

Description: Sounds like exploring and discovering. Adventure that moves into the magical.

Description: Sounds like a foreign film or an adventure, with multiple percussive textures.

Description: A dramatic, awe-inspiring view of the volcano and the surrounding scenery.

Description: Native American Imagery with modern touches. Excellent for documentary and commercial applications.

Description: Creates the texture of Africa, travel, tribal scenes and action. Excellent for documentary, commercial and feature film applications.

Description: Sounds like traveling or adventuring in an exotic locale.

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