Description: Sounds like high speed running and chasing with percussion and guitar driven groove.

Description: Indigenous instruments and modern percussion and effects that create the vision of a storm or scenic desert vistas.

Description: Sounds like a tribal scene in a suspense movie. I also contains investigatory rhythms.

Description: Sounds like a coal fired train scene. Snare, guitar, bass, harmonica and wood train whistle. Excellent for documentary, western or any train set up scene.

Description: Modern Native American rock using samples of the traditional mixed with blistering lead guitar.

Description: Western rhythm and orchestra sounds merge with tribal percussion and vocals.

Description: Sounds very busy, like people flying on wires, heavy action. Oriental flavor at times.

Description: Creates a scene of confusion, of hallucinations and visions, of Native American scenes on the reservation or in the scenery of the West. Uses indigenous drums and reversed guitars to produce the intense effects.

Description: Uses cello, Indigenous percussion and vocal wail to create a scene in the Middle East. It is active, but calm and picturesque at the same time.

Description: Sounds like traveling or adventuring in an exotic locale.

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