Description: A heroic, military-inspired track to highlight the bitter-sweet emotions of your military film.

Description: A super-heroic homage an epic style of scoring. Best suited for action\adventure film, this one-minute piece is perfect for an opening title as well.

Description: With a deep Southern flair, this modern cue, "Deep Fried Adventure" is an upbeat and uplifting piece for nearly any purpose. This would sit very well inside a corporate project, an outdoor adventure sequence, or a chipper and happy montage. I wouldn't call this bluegrass, but with the banjo, guitar, and lively percussion, it's certainly a foot stompin' good time.

Description: Modern and epic, "Heroic Destiny" is an underscore cue highlighting the drama and heroism of your friendly neighborhood crime fighters and civil servants. This action based score adds a powerful sense of pride and determination to any project. It would work well as a title sequence, or even a grand montage in nature.

Description: Cinematic and daring "Taking A Chance" is an epic adventure track featuring a large orchestral ensemble. Exciting and passionate, this is a great piece to underscore sports sequences, a powerful montage, or a corporate inspiration piece. Altering between a dark then triumphant emotion, this lush music ends in glorious victory.

Description: Dynamic and moving, “The Winner’s Path” is the music that beats in the heart of every successful endeavor. Short, sweet, and to the point, this piece is a stirring and emotionally inspiring track – designed to make you feel the sense of victory as you cross the finish line. Perfect for corporate or motivational projects – or even a moment where you need a sense of epic adventure… Either way, you’ve already won.

Description: Epic and rhythmic, "Swinging On The Vines" is a happy and care free action or adventure score to add a sense of wonder and youth to your project. Sounding a little of Africa, a little tropical, this is a great vibrant cue to use for nearly any film sequence.

Description: Epic and rhythmic, "One Heart's Journey" is a corporate inspirational piece that could also double as a powerful adventure score. Upbeat and bright, this emotional track is a great choice for any project that needs a sense of determination and hope. Also perfect for nature scene or a montage, this happy music can do it all.

Description: Simple and beautiful, “Temple of Peace” is built on top of a large ensemble of ethnic drums. Exotic but remarkably soothing and inspiring, this track can highlight the powerful emotions in your film.

Description: An exciting orchestral score of epic proportions, "Excited Adventure" will underscore any project needing enthusiasm and drive. With its playful energy, this cue would do well in a corporate product launch, a creative montage, or a lighthearted adventure scene.

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