Description: great action music, powerfull theme, dynamic asian drums

Description: A sparkling and shimmering orchestral track with an inspirational feel, featuring angelic voices, woodwinds and strings.

Description: orchestral cinematic video game music.

Description: Contemporary fusion music, with the dramatic edge. makes the perfect soundtrack, or score for any project that's looking to take their production to the next level.

Description: A mysterious and modern rhythmic orchestral track including angelic choirs with a peaceful and floating and watery feel.

Description: A heroic and epic hybrid orchestral track featuring big brass, choir, strings and epic percussion. Great for trailers, commercials and tv/video.

Description: Dramatic energetic Cinematic Soundtrack. With strings, flute, electric guitar and drum set in the background. Good for Drama and epic movies.

Description: As the title implies, this piece has an epic, cinematic and Asian flavor to it, with a mix of Western and Oriental tonality and instruments. These include the Kim, Taiko instruments, Hyoushigi, Shakuhachi Flute, acoustic guitar, female voice, brass and strings. The piece starts out with a lone Kim playing nearby a flowing stream and wood chimes. The piece evolves into an epic chorus with thundering Taiko drums and then settles into a key change on the last chord to give the ending an unfinished, questionable feeling. This piece is intended as closing credits for a film, but can be used as a cue in a movie, a movie trailer, or for a video game.

Description: A rock inspired theme suitable for a scheming bad guy with a lot of attitude.

Description: A) Intense music flow, full of instrument lines. Lower strings in characteristic repetitive rhythm and melody line, strong rhythm in various percussions patterns and above all trumpets. Middle (B) section slower and describing break and contrasting part in music picture and then back on action (A1, Instrumental, Action, Moderate Orchestral