Description: This epic magical and regal track, is featuring a powerful full orchestra and full choir melody. this track is Ideal for Fantasy Adventure & journey cinematic films & projects. Also will be useful for the Olympic sports content and cues, trailers and video game related contents.

Description: Magical and Medieval music, adventure theme, an awakened dream Into the fantasy world of fairies

Description: Orchestral piece with a tone of discovery or adventure, a la Thomas Newman.

Description: This epic, orchestral cinematic track, best for any kind of product: adventure / action scene in a game, movie, videohive and YouTube projects, TV production. Describes medieval, celtic mood. A Violin staccato beginning is growing into a percussive thunder, after that plays the beautiful horns melody, ending with some strong violin staccatos. After the final hit you will find some seconds to show your logo, product or something like that.

Description: Big, Hollywood, Interlude Background Intro Pastoral Morning American Hollywood Contemporary Industry Television TV Radio Movies Advertizing Panorama Films.

Description: An intense orchestral epic track with horns, tubular bells and violins suitable for epic and adventure scenes

Description: trailer music for action middle east movies.

Description: Energetic irish melody, celtic fiddle dance. Instruments: orchestra, solo violin, horn, big drums. Best for video game, trailer or film.