Description: Cinematic, ethics, environment, perfect for cinematic intro fantasy, dark, sad and beautiful at the same time, so many emotions and sensations There are rolls, ambient guitar sound

Description: A track that tells the journey of someone starting to see the unseen.

Description: big military or sports orchestral film score, strings & harp, adding woodwinds, going to the brass and percussion building to an serious end.

Description: Contemporary fusion music, with the dramatic edge. makes the perfect soundtrack, or score for any project that's looking to take their production to the next level.

Description: Electronic and descriptive track. Made with synthesizers, the composition is mainly melodic and contains several sound effects. Very near to progressive music. Good for Sci-Fi productions, about space battles or other scenes that have a certain grade of tension.

Description: Creates the feeling of flying or fast movement in a very flowing manner. Builds and then trails off.

Description: Sparkling and mystical orchestral for a feeling of mystery and wonder.

Description: great action music, powerfull theme, dynamic asian drums

Description: A sparkling and shimmering orchestral track with an inspirational feel, featuring angelic voices, woodwinds and strings.

Description: orchestral cinematic video game music.