Description: great action music, powerfull theme, dynamic asian drums

Description: Uses cello, Indigenous percussion and vocal wail to create a scene in the Middle East. It is active, but calm and picturesque at the same time.

Description: Dramatic James Bond/John Barry-style track. Features insistent harpsichord-based riff, short sax solo, tympani, drums, strings and horns. Track is in several parts, building from a quiet beginning and including horn stabs, building to an epic conclusion.

Description: intended to emulate popular archetypes in modern dramatic film music, this begins as a battle scene accompaniment, but later becomes mysterious.

Description: orchestral cinematic video game music.

Description: Adventurous tribal orchestral song in the style of James Horner or Newton Howard, perfect for outdoor adventure.

Description: Big movie studio style action-adventure theme in the tradition of blockbuster spy films. A musical mix of symphonic & electro elements reflect a dangerous world filled with high tech espionage and fanatical terrorism. Epic dramatic music designed for movie trailers, video games and military themes.

Description: Largely cinematic in design, “Neverland” takes you on an epic orchestral adventure.