Description: Ultra dynamic action-adventure music in the style and tradition of high tech special effects driven blockbuster movie soundtracks. Epic electro-orchestral dramatic music designed for super hero movies, movie trailers and video games.

Description: A New Beginning is a cinematic piece with a modern four-on-the-floor beat for a bit of a futuristic / sci-fi feel. Suits adventurous parts of films, adverts, epic games. It also works really well in a corporate context. At 1:36 there is a breakdown with a beautiful cello solo.

Description: Largely cinematic in design, “Neverland” takes you on an epic orchestral adventure.

Description: Simple, but rhythmically epic, "World Walker" is the quintessential sound of a nomadic journey. This is a contemporary adventure score mixed with a tribal feel - both of which will certainly inspire you to continue pushing forward. Great for an outdoor or travel montage, "World Walker" could even sit well under a motivational corporate presentation.

Description: And epic emotional adventure, "Fountain of Dreams" is an uplifting motivational orchestra piece full of intensity and anticipation. Perfect for large Hollywood style projects, a sport montage, or a grand, sweeping, glorious moment in nature, this composition will inspire your audience.

Description: Epic Spaghetti Western film orchestra stem or fragment from the East Hardwood Showdown cue, featuring featuring Trumpets and Solo Guitar.

Description: Intense and slightly dark, "Tribal Drums" is an active and quick cue for any action or adventure sequence. Perfect for a chase scene as well, this cinematic music will add an urgent sense to your project. With a taste of Africa, this percussion heavy composition will also enhance any project retelling stories from around the world. Easily loopable.

Description: A heroic and epic hybrid orchestral track featuring big brass, choir, strings and epic percussion. Great for trailers, commercials and tv/video.

Description: Cinematic orchestral track featuring brass, woodwinds and strings, conveying voyages and adventure on the sea. Suitable for trailers and tv.

Description: Dark Epic Soundtrack Trailer – dark powerful intense feeling! Inspired by Hans Zimmer Dark Night Batman and The Elder Scrolls Skyrim. Description of “Dark Epic Soundtrack Trailer”: Cinematic dark epic trailer music in style of big Hollywood powerful hero music. “Dark Epic Trailer” is made for suspenseful cinematic heroic action, ominous evil cut scene in a video game or movie, army of orcher, slow paced battle scene, dark epic video game trailer, powerful thrilling game show contest, intense war video game, epic video montage,etc. Batman, Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, action, adventure, army, battle, big, cinematic, contest, cut scene, dark, deep, drums, energetic, epic, evening, evil, extreme, fast, feeling, game, glorious, hans, hero, heroic, intense, majestic, montage, movie, night, ominous, orchestral, pompous, pounding, powerful, soundtrack, strings, strong, suspenseful, thrilling, trailer, triumphant, video, war, zimmer