Description: melodic, big film music track with real choir.

Description: Ultra dynamic action-adventure music in the style and tradition of blockbuster movie soundtracks. Epic dramatic music designed for super hero movies, war films and documentaries, espionage, CIA and military themes, movie trailers and video games.

Description: a progressive fast pace futuristic song.

Description: A classic western hero theme. You be the good, let them be the bad and the ugly ;)

Description: Sounds like a coal fired train scene. Snare, guitar, bass, harmonica and wood train whistle. Excellent for documentary, western or any train set up scene.

Description: This modern epic 2 part film trailer begins with big drums, percussion, piano and strings with a mysterious and heartwarming nostalgic feeling theme which builds to a dramatic transition into an energetic band that takes us to a climatic conclusion. Great for any video or projects that needs compelling and emotional cue that takes the listener on a musical journey.

Description: Epic Hero – Cinematic heroic action description of “Epic Hero” Cinematic epic hero music with powerful intense feeling. Starts with energetic staccato strings and a sad beautiful piano. In the middle it’s going soft with strings and piano. The boy choir comes in and slowly the music gets intense again with big pounding drums and fast energetic strings. Epic cinematic fantasy track in style of Hollywood hero music. “Epic hero” is made for cut scene in a video game, intro or outro in a video game,cinematic heroic action, grand epic fantasy adventure, fantasy video game trailer, powerful thrilling game show contest, epic hero projects, etc. action, epic, adventure, intense, beautiful, big drums, challenge, choir, cinematic trailer, strings, competition, contest, emotional, energetic, epic fantasy, epic hero, epic hero, trailer, feeling, game, olympic, game show, glorious, grand, cinematic, hans zimmer, heroic, hollywood, honor, intro, majestic,fantasy, music, outro, pompous, orchestral, powerful, sad, sports, staccato, strong, thrilling, trailer, triumphant, video game cut scene,

Description: Professional music of studio ForteFill.The musical composition with piano, oboe. It’s medium, experimental, classical, rock, thrillers. The mood of music is: time to decide what to do, chance and risk

Description: heroic orchestral film score on an epic adventure, with a strong theme; featuring trumpets, horns, and trombones.

Description: Sad, meditative and theatrical style underscore, with a suggestive, piano melody which is later accompanied by strong rhythmic patterns on drums and by the orchestral instruments to create a suspenseful, epic, cinematic atmosphere. Very good for mysterious, sad, serious, atmospheric presence etc. scenes in drama genres.