Description: Wanderer is very positive, joyful, motivational, uplifting track with positive mood and rhythmic beat. A great track for commercials, intros, video clips or any other project needing really uplifting and peaceful mood. Instrumentation consists of acoustic guitar, ukulele, accordion, piano and great percussion.

Description: Epic Orchestral Music gradually building to a climax expressing achievement and pride. Majestic and heroic instrumental music. A goal has been achieved!

Description: A fast action adventure theme urges an epic hero swoop in and save the day... but there are consequences.

Description: Ambient energetic oriental music with various oriental instruments such as the Bansuri flute, Santoor, Sitar, some drum machines and sound effects. Excellent for advertising, tv screensavers, documentaries, travel movies, promotions, after effects projects, etc.

Description: Retro 80's action sci-fi TV show background music. The ominous, haunting & eerie strings are anxious, dangerous & intense. The silly cartoon xylophone is theatrical, whimsical & cheesy. The horns & brass are spooky, campy & fearful. The harp is creepy & sneaky. It's daring, sinister, mystical, funny

Description: Romantic adventure with strings and harp. For use in many different romantic or adventure scenarios. Especially well for inspirational moments.

Description: Intro, narrative entry for film, video, games, and various fantasy stories

Description: Magical music, adventure theme, a awakened dream into the fantasy world

Description: special atmosphere and forest flute

Description: a epic middle eastern cinematic score, great for video games and epic film type videos. With dramatic string and epic drums. Loopable!